Year of the Quilt

I took a class with Kaffe Fasset (as he says, “pronounced like safe asset”) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 2012.  In this one-day workshop we all made the same quilt from a pattern called Sunlight in the Forest from his book, Quilts in Sweden.   This was the first time I used a piece of felt hung on the wall to “compose” my design before sewing.  It allows you to move the fabric squares around easily until you have a balanced and exciting design.  I really enjoyed the process.

IMG_0918I used a lot of Marcia Derse fabrics, which feature brushstrokes and simple patterns printed in subtle colors. I mixed in some striped fabrics designed by Kaffe Fassett.   Kaffe helped me to get the light and dark fabrics (I think I was the only person using black) to balance in a playful way.

Kaffe critiques our work.

It took me about a year to finish the front and then put the layers of the quilt together.  Each square is hand-quilted with an “X”.  The binding is bright green.  I made the quilt as a gift for my niece Amelia for her first apartment in New York, where I hope it is keeping her warm and cozy.






4 thoughts on “Year of the Quilt”

  1. Beautiful quilt! It’s fun hearing about the process. I also really appreciate finally knowing how to pronounce Kaffe Fassett.

  2. Love it Lisa, painterly and loose! Lucky lucky neicey! Love, Alexandra Sheldon (pronounced Shell Done – as if you were painting a shell and then you finished it and said “shell done”)

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