Big Print Day, International Style

Since 2007, the Monterey Peninsula College printmakers have devoted the first Saturday in May to printmaking. What began in the Monterey Bay Area of California has become a worldwide event, with printmakers participating from over a dozen countries, on five continents. We didn’t even know this as we planned to print fifteen large (24″ X 36″) linoleum blocks at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, MA on May 2nd, 2015.  A class taught by Julia Talcott was culminating in a Big Print Day where we were using a steamroller as a printing press.  And we were accidentally part of an international day devoted to printmaking! 20150502_103856 My two prints were designed as an homage to Audubon’s large-scale bird paintings.  One is a wading bird and the other is a flying bird where the wingspan fills the three-foot length of the linoleum block.  The backgrounds of the two prints are filled with swirls and patterns and circles and stars and comets.1gYXnp1WBhWMAE7ZLxMwm2ncGr_zI8Bf_2zHQRuOxXQ 20150502_154825

Fifteen artists worked together rolling out ink and wrangling huge sheets of paper and cleaning all of the blocks and rollers over and over throughout the day.  All thirty prints that we made on May 2nd were big and bold and black and white.

Many of our prints drying in the wind on Big Print Day.
Many of our prints drying in the wind on Big Print Day.

We also printed a Charles River Alphabet organized by Leslie Evans, with 26 artists participating.  We each chose a letter and created an image of something associated with the Charles River.

My letter is  Z for zooplankton
The alphabet is 90″ X  30″ and we printed it on both paper and fabric.

The individual prints from the alphabet are available for $30 each at the shop at the Arsenal Center for the Arts.


7 thoughts on “Big Print Day, International Style”

  1. Wow, this is awesome. So wonderful. I want an alphabet! And what the heck is “V”? It looks like a fox to me!

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