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Mosaics at Maud Morgan Art Center

Seven students in my class produced beautiful work in a workshop at the Maud Morgan Art Center in Cambridge, MA on two chilly Sundays in April.  We worked on 8″ X 8″ squares.  The birds below are by Debbie Whitney.

Mosaic by Debbie Whitney
Mosaic by Debbie Whitney

You may recognize the mosaic below from my class at Mass College of Art earlier in the month.  Kate attended this class at Maud Morgan Arts to finish up her background and grout and frame her beautiful owl.  This is Kate’s first mosaic.

Kate Larabee's mosaic
Kate Larabee’s mosaic

Susan also decided to take the class at Maud Morgan Arts after taking the class at Mass Art recently.  Her two boxer mosaics are finished, grouted and framed.

Susan Berman's mosaic
Susan Berman’s mosaic
Susan Berman's mosaic
Susan Berman’s mosaic

Susan also worked on an abstract mosaic for the first time.  She worked with gradations of light and dark,  subtle color changes, and varying the shapes of the tesserae.

Abstration by Sysan Berman five hours later
Abstraction by Susan Berman

Jennifer created her first mosaic, inspired by a still life with tropical fruits.  She cut the tiles into very small pieces and worked on perfecting curves and color gradations.

Mosaic by Jennifer Jacoby
Mosaic by Jennifer Jacoby

Leslie has some experience with mosaics and used this class to develop an original design and to work on her composition and the flow (or andamento) of the tiles.

Leslie Walters' mosaic
Leslie Walters’ mosaic

Adria has worked in many other media, and this was her first experience with mosaics.  She used one of her paintings as the inspiration for this abstract composition.

Adria Arch's mosaic
Adria Arch’s mosaic

Dianne has been working primarily in clay, and this is her first mosaic.  Mosaics and clay go together very well; the broken pieces of ceramics can be recycled into a mosaic project.

Dianne Henning's mosaic
Dianne Henning’s mosaic