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Going Swimmingly

The restoration of the mural, The Bluefish is Good Tonight, is going really well.  With the help of a bunch of wonderful assistants it is moving along quickly.  As soon as it stops snowing the painting will be put back up at 237 Hampshire Street in Inman Square where it belongs!

in the studio
Harrison Ringel, Regina Gaudette, Carla Hauck and Rachel Newsam work on the details of the mural. Two coats of acrylic paint were applied to all areas.
Carla Hauck applies the first coat of paint to a green school of fish.

It was interesting to re-work a project that I did so many years ago.  My color sense has changed, and I think the new color choices will be easier to read from a distance.  I had more confidence painting it this time, which made it a lot of fun.  I removed a few details and worked with bolder shapes this time around.

Rach transferring design
Rachel Newsam transfers the designs from the original mural onto the newly refreshed panels.
detail during painting
Complimentary colors really pop!
Regina Gaudette and my new puppy Maya were both very dedicated to the project.
I remembered why I chose all of these shapes several decades ago: I used to take a ceramics class in Inman Square, so I filled up all of the empty spaces with pottery forms.

I am very grateful to Rika Smith McNally, the director of the art conservation program at the Cambridge Arts Council, for her energy and guidance on this project.  She assures me that the painting will be looking good for several more decades!

Driving home on the Massachusetts Turnpike after a long day at the studio.

Three Commissioned Paintings

I spent the winter of 2013 keeping warm by painting three large oil on wood paintings.  These pieces were commissioned for the lobby of a hospital.  I was encouraged to include a few more animals than usual, hence the squirrel.


The painting above is entitled Long and Lovely.  I used Ronan lettering enamel, and most areas have two or three coats of paint.  Then I applied many, many dots to enliven the surfaces and make subtle adjustments to the color relationships.


This painting is entitled Then and Now.


This painting is entitled Short and Sweet.